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            Jody's Biography

There are lots of Jody Maxwell references on the Internet these days. Many are filled with inaccuracies and some offer only tiny teasers about her. So sit back and enjoy a real behind the scenes look at Jody Maxwell.

Jody Maxwell, Kansas City, Missouri native, daughter and granddaughter, of prominent trial attorneys, 4-year scholarship winner to her private all-girls high school, graduate of the University of Missouri, where she majored in theatre and speech, legitimate theatre actress, writer and reporter, and legendary erotic film and stage star, began her career in erotica, after being discovered at a University morality symposium, shortly before graduation, by one of the speakers, Gerard Damiano.

After graduation she starred in her first erotic full-feature film, Portrait, written and directed by Damiano. Critics immediately considered her the crowning successor to Linda Lovelace’s title, with her versatile and unique oral talents and abilities.

Following Portrait, Jody expanded her career in erotica by adding a sexy, stand-up, comedic stage show to her repertoire, and by becoming a writer and columnist for national men’s magazines.

Previously, Jody has been on the staff of Cheri, Escapade, Capers, Partner, and Adult Cinema Review.

Jody was with Personal Services Club, for 12 years.

Jody has starred in some of the greatest erotic movies of all time, including Outlaw Ladies, Neon Nights, Satisfiers of Alpha Blue, S.O.S., Expose Me Lovely, and Devil Inside Her, among others.

Jody’s many-sided interests have included an abundant history in politics. She held many offices in the Young Republicans and attended Young Republican National Leadership Training School, in Washington, D.C. She has known many famous political figures and officeholders, and has been a guest at the White House.

Now, Jody’s book, My Private Calls, written entirely by her, is available for purchase.

Currently, she is writing a novel, and also working on Book 2 of My Private Calls.

Some of Jody’s favorites are bowling, cooking, Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City Royals, books, and computers. She resides in California.


Did You Know  My bowling team hit bottom this year! Boo! Hiss!


Jody's Tidbits

Did You Know  that you could write me by snail mail also?

If snail mail is better for you, and you just want to say hello, you can write me at the address below. If you have an inquiry or just want a response,

please enclose a stampedself-addressed envelope. You may write me at P.O. Box 1255, Yuba City, CA 95992.

If you are near the University of Kansas, pick up a copy of The Daily Kansan, September 20, 2007, issue. Otherwise, check it out online and read about me in the "Sex on the Hill."

Lately, I’ve been doing some writing for 2 different books of mine – I have begun my autobiography, which will certainly have lots of surprises in it, and I have been continuing with my novel, which is romantic, adventurous, entertaining, and definitely erotic, too.


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