My Private Calls

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Actual book 6" x  9", 334 pages


The following is an abridged, censored version of one of my calls from My Private Calls.

The Mile High Club

I received a call from Mike, one, hot summer evening. He was a FedEx pilot, based in Memphis, but was originally from the New Orleans area. Mike was both very soft-spoken, yet, quite talkative, too, about his job, and all the distant locations to where he’d traveled. He had previously seen my movies and stage shows in New York, and had tried to make contact with me for two years. Then, he found me through Personal Services Club. Personal Services said he would not talk to any house girls, but only to me.

Mike’s phone fantasy begins with us taking off from Memphis on a flight to Paris. He is dressed in his uniform while I am naked sitting in the co-pilot’s seat. We climb to about 30,000 feet and level off toward Paris. At that time, Mike starts playing with my . . . .

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My Private Calls takes you on an alluring, adventurous ride through the real world of sizzling, fantasy phone sex. I spent 12 years having calls with many thousands of fans, and others, while I was associated with the premier American fantasy phone sex club, recording explicit, detailed notes of each and every one of my calls in 60 journals, in the process.

Now, I have brought some of my calls to life, in this first of a series of books, by meticulously sharing each of these calls from the moment the phone is answered until it is hung up. Nothing is held back, as I thoroughly uncover the caller. I tell you about him as the real person, and what he has to say as I flesh him out, before getting to the erotic part of the call. When the fantasy comes along, I write it like it is, in the lingo used by the caller, whether down and dirty or upright and proper. I also inform you how the caller reacts after the fantasy, too. Of course, not all of my callers desire fantasy phone sex, and I share the secrets of some of those calls, as well.

Although fantasy phone sex is a multi-billion dollar industry, worldwide, and is a popular subject by comedians, and in sitcoms, dramas, and novels, no one has ever revealed the actual calls and the true fantasies before My Private Calls. As a result, there are many steamy surprises in store for you, who discover the fantasies are frequently unique and unexpected.

Also, I have grouped the calls in chapters, such as “Toys” and “Different Strokes,” to name just two.

The informative calls combine knowledge, sexuality, scorching moments, and often humor, too, as the reader takes on the role of a fascinated voyeur, while reading about the callers who could be neighbors or fellow workers.

My Private Calls contains an additional special treat. I delight you with delectable tidbits of my incredible, intimate life and escapades, both in and out of the erotic industry, woven through all the chapters. The parts I share will frequently amaze and amuse, and, perhaps, even turn you on, but definitely will leave you hungering for more.

My Private Calls is provocative, erotic nonfiction that thrills, excites, and entertains, as you complete the adventurous ride through fantasy phone sex calls mixed with a taste of my extraordinary life.

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Jody Maxwell

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