Fall, 2007

Hot Greetings to All!

Well, my new bowling season is here! I took a break during the summer except for bowling in the California USBC Open Tournament. While usually I do pretty well in tournaments, this was definitely not the case this time. I will not inflict my horrible scores on you all!

However, I have started the new season back in form. Right now, my team is in second place. I’ll keep you informed as the season continues.

I was in Reno recently, having lots of fun, partying and playing. I stayed at a different place this time – Circus Circus. I played my first slot tournament while there and I won first place! I am looking forward to doing that again soon.

I am working on my memoirs and that is one tough job. It’s so personal, so intimate, that it makes it tougher to write than you might think. I have shared a great deal of myself with the public over the years, but that is only a tiny part of me. There are going to be parts that are outrageous, hot, sexy, erotic, shocking, funny, sad, heartbreaking, painful, and definitely controversial. However, it’s I, and that’s the way it is!

Finally, I recently have begun shopping my proposal around. It’s an exciting time, so wish me luck!

Someone recently asked me to tell him about my famous stage show. Well, if any of you want to know all about it, and how it came to be, you can read all the details in My Private Calls. My stage show was funny and sexy, and totally outrageous, all wrapped up into one. I really did love doing it!

If anybody wants to read the latest on me, you might check out Night magazine , summer edition #53, or read KU’s school newspaper, The Daily Kansan . September 20, 2007, issue.

HELP! I still need some help finding an old friend from Kansas City. I am trying to locate Sandy Martin, a nurse from K.C. She has a different last name, now, I believe. If any of you from that area know her or of her, please drop me a note. If you are friends with her, ask her to drop me an email or write me at P.O Box 1255, Yuba City, CA 95992.

Until next time, stay hot!

Jody Maxwell




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